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Our Alpha Trace HV Got a Star at the WSHASIA Awards 2020!

On the past September 15th, the World of Safety and Health Asia announced the recipients of the WSHAsia Awards 2020. And guess what! One of our newest boots, the Alpha Trace High Visibility, won a star.

According to the World of Safety and Health Asia Online Magazine, this award is not only for the "innovative products that the organizations have invented, but it is to give them the recognition which they are entitled to - for providing solutions that keep the world a safer place."

We are very much excited about this award for the acknowledgment of our daily work on improving workers' safety and comfort.

Renowned figures in the safety and health industries evaluated the products for these awards, which makes us feel even more grateful for this prize. However, the big star of the day is undoubtedly our Alpha Trace High Visibility.

This wellington boot was developed with the safety of workers in dark places in mind. The high visibility color allows the worker to be visible in low visibility work zones, where it's important to be easily located. In case of accidents, the high visibility colors make it easier to find the worker.

The Alpha Trace High Visibility is a PU boot, which makes it light, comfortable, and flexible. It has great resistance to oils, greases, acids, and solvents, while also providing and high thermal insulation down to -40ºC. Alpha Trace High Visibility endures the harshest environments to keep your feet in action, even in the dark.

We hope to be able to keep helping you and every worker to work safely, with comfort, while improving their health.


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