Outstanding thermal insulation


The Alpha Ice Pack® boot was extensively studied and developed to use in icy cold surfaces. This wellington boot has steel toecap protection and steel midsole. Its slip-resistant and antistatic sole gives an excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces. The outsole is also resistant to oils, fats, acids, and organic solvents.

This hard-wearing, lightweight, and flexible PU boot offer excellent thermal insulation down to -70ºC, keeping your feet dry and at the right temperature.

Alpha IcePack®

Safety Version
    • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean PU boot
    • Excellent thermal insulation down to -70°C
    • Perfect to use in colder and more aggressive environments
    • Removable PU insole with activated carbon
    • Certified by EN ISO 20345:2011 S4 or S5+ CI+SRA


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