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Dikamar® is continually investing in the development of new and differentiated value propositions that enhance and strengthen trust between the brand and its customers in order to meet their requirements and expectations through the production of quality safety and occupational footwear. The implementation of Dikamar®'s Quality Management System is proof of this effort, based on a policy of continuous improvement.

It is precisely within this total customer orientation that Dikamar takes a serious commitment to its customers, committing itself to:

• To satisfy customers as a reason for business success, by providing the best products at the most competitive prices, meeting the expectations and demands of an increasingly demanding global market;

• Strengthen relations with suppliers and partners, in order to establish relationships of trust and promote the best solution for the client;

• Ensure a qualified organization that improves the quality of the product, ensuring, on the one hand, greater competitiveness and, on the other hand, greater customer satisfaction;

• Encourage the development of new projects, in order to meet customer requirements;

• Ensure strict compliance with the regulations and other applicable requirements in its area of operation.

Dikamar® believes that the quality of the product and the attention with the customer is a reflection of the organization. As a consequence, we work with the commitment to continuously improve the process of our Quality Management System.

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