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5 PPE for Agriculture

Working in the agricultural sector requires care. When compared to other sectors such as construction, agriculture does not seem to have many associated risks. But simple things like dust can be long-term risk factors.

Agriculture often requires working with pesticides and even heavy and dangerous equipment. This makes agriculture an activity with several risk factors for both your body and your feet.

The safety of your feet in this activity cannot be underestimated, therefore, you should choose shoes that are suitable for your work environment. To help stay safe, we list 5 essential PPEs for working in the agricultural sector and explain how to choose the right footwear.


Masks are one of the most important PPEs in agriculture.

Constant exposure to dust and pesticides can cause you to develop serious respiratory problems. However, you can prevent these diseases by properly using respiratory protective PPE.


As exposure to dust deteriorates your health, exposure to loud sounds can bring you some health issues.

Many farmers work with equipment that generates a lot of noise. Exposure to these loud sounds for long periods of time affects your hearing. If you already have a history of ear canal infections, the risk becomes even greater.

Ear protectors, like earplugs, block out noise and protect your hearing.


There are several face protection PPEs. Some can protect your whole face, while others only protect your eyes.

Goggles are primarily intended to ensure your health, preventing particles from getting into your eyes or chemicals from splashing and damaging your vision.

The safety visors protect your face entirely. However, it is still recommended to wear the goggles under the visor.


Chemicals are harmful when in contact with your face and your body.

When working with hazardous products, it is extremely important to wear protective coveralls. This is necessary to protect your entire body and to prevent cross-contamination.