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Why is RedPro The Best Safety Shoe For Construction?

Are you looking for safety shoes to work in the construction field? With so much footwear, you don't know what to choose?

In this article, we will help you find the best safety shoes for you. We will also explain why RedPro models are the best footwear for construction.

To find your ideal shoes, you have to analyze three main categories: safety, comfort, and slip resistance.


It is necessary to ensure that the footwear for this area complies with all safety standards. Usually, it is required to wear shoes with a toe cap and safety midsole.

Let's start with the safety toe cap. Every construction footwear must have a toe cap that will protect your feet from impacts and compressions.

The RedPro shoes have a polycarbonate toe cap with anatomical protection resistant to impacts greater than 200J and to compressions of loads up to 15kN.

In addition to the toecap, it is also important to have an insole that protects your feet from punctures caused by sharp objects. The insoles of the RedPro models are made in Kevlar with a puncture resistance greater than 1100kN.

With a polycarbonate toe cap and a Kevlar insole, the shoe is 100% metal-free. This feature becomes essential when you work in areas with metal detectors or magnets.

Additionally, it also helps to keep your feet warm, especially when working in cold areas. The metal contributes to the cooling of the foot because it is a good temperature conductor.

With all these features, the RedPro models have everything you need to keep you safe while working.


You may think that comfort is not a relevant feature of safety footwear, but it is the opposite. Comfort is associated with health, so it is another essential feature.

Construction workers spend long hours standing and making physical efforts. If you're not wearing comfortable shoes, a simple discomfort will become a long-term health problem. That is why it's so important to wear comfortable shoes.

If your shoes feel uncomfortable, working every day in this condition will not only affect your performance but can also have consequences for your health.

As previously mentioned, RedPro models have a Kevlar insole that contributes to your comfort. Kevlar, unlike steel, is very flexible and very light. This makes the shoe more comfortable for your feet.

At Dikamar, we also created the sole of this shoe with your comfort in mind. The sole is made of PU, which is much lighter than other materials like rubber.