Leave your mark wherever you go!

The Alpha Trace® boot is all manufactured in PU, which makes it light, comfortable, and flexible in every activity. Developed to use in the harshest environments, this wellington boot is resistant to oils, greases, acids, and solvents. This boot also provides excellent thermal insulation down to -40°C. With an antistatic and slip-resistant outsole, the Alpha Trace® is the right boot to leave your trace wherever you go! The Alpha Trace® is suitable to use in cold areas.

Alpha Trace®

Safety Version
    • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean PU boot
    • Excellent thermal insulation down to -40°C
    • Perfect to use in colder environments
    • Excellent slip resistance (SRC)
    • Removable PU insole with activated carbon
    • Certified by EN ISO 20347:2012 (O4) and EN ISO 20345:2011 (S4 and S5) CI+SRC


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