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5 Reasons why you should buy Dikamar Work Boots

You came to our website and found the wellies you were looking for. You see that they have all the features needed to keep you protected and will help you present your daily work tasks, they have a good design and a competitive price, but surprisingly, you are still not convinced about buying them, but why?

If this is your case, here we are going to give you 5 Reasons to Buy Dikamar Work Boots.

Without much more to say, let's start with the 5 reasons:

  1. High-Quality Safety Work Boots developed with our high-quality developed material.

Back when we started the production of PU work boots in 2010, we had the concern of developing an innovative and technologically high-quality product. In order to fulfil these categories, we had some challenges to overcome, as we wanted to improve what we had to offer in our catalogue and also to be a distinguished brand on this industry file. This is how we developed our PU compound with BASF. The well-known chemistry corporation is responsible for the raw material of our PU wellies.

The Dikamar PU Work Boots formula is composed of millions of air bubbles allowing the air to flow easily between them. It also allows the foot to breathe, avoiding odours and foot health problems, and provides extra thermal insulation. This formula makes the boots very lightweight, flexible, resistant and makes hydrolysis a thing of the past. With this formula, Dikamar PU work boots can last up to 3 years when well maintained

2. Great and real people-to-people relationships between the seller and the customer (customer care).

When you buy Dikamar - although you do it through our online store - you are directly dealing with our employees; from the production to the laboratory inspection, to the reception and preparation of your order, to the invoice... all of these procedures are made by us, people from Dikamar. We make our best to deliver the best product and the best customer service. And by that being said, do not hesitate in case of any doubt and contact us!

3. Especially designed for each area to keep your feet protected.

The Dikamar PU safety work boots were all designed from scratch by professionals on the field. We have a variety of range products to help you and keep your feet protected at work, such as food industry, construction, industry, fishing, agriculture, etc

4. 100% Made in Portugal under fair conditions.

All of the Dikamar wellies are proudly made in our headquarters in Pombal, Portugal by our employees. We are committed to delivering our products under European standards and fair conditions.

5. 27 years of experience in the industry field and counting!

Dikamar was born in 1995 as an exclusive producer of PVC occupational footwear. Over the years and due to the acquisition of the company by a private family group, Dikamar widened its scope by expanding its units, its industries fields, its products and its technology innovation. Our mission is to develop, produce and market occupational and safety shoes, resistant and comfortable, contributing to the safety and health of the user.

After all of this is said, are you still doubting about getting a pair of Dikamar PU Work Boots?

Don't hesitate and get your pair now here!


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