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Discover the future of Agriculture: How Alpha® changed the industry

Working long hours in the agricultural fields, on uneven terrain and in adverse weather conditions is very exhausting and is a problem that many farmers face. The harsh weather conditions, especially the high soil temperatures, make it difficult for the feet to breathe and make performing daily tasks an obstacle. In addition, wearing heavy safety boots is another obstacle for farm workers that causes additional physical wear.

Over the years, Dikamar® has focused on understanding the constraints and problems of workers wearing safety footwear.

With our know-how in the safety footwear industry, we know that the agricultural industry requires particular features, such as sturdy and reliable footwear to ensure proper safety and optimal performance. The Alpha® model, due to its versatility, offers the worker high quality and comfort all day long when working in the field.

The Alpha® safety is the perfect boot for agricultural and gardening activities, allowing farmers to remain comfortable and focused during their tasks.

But why Alpha® changed the industry?

  • The power of working with lightweight boots.

Your daily work routine will never be the same! The Alpha® boots are made of PU, which is 40% lighter than rubber or PVC wellies (we already talk about this here). The agility provided by Alpha® allows them to walk on uneven terrain, climb ladders and move quickly, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Say goodbye to fatigue

The lightness and natural flexibility of the PU material significantly reduce fatigue and increase productivity during your working day. Dikamar® Alpha® versatile boots considerably minimize fatigue during working hours. Designed with reduced weight, they relieve the strain on your legs, helping you to stay energized and productive throughout the day.

Say goodbye to heavy legs and keep facing the most challenging tasks.

  • More fresh, more light, more comfortable.

Everything you need on your journey in the field! Alpha® boots are the right partner and offer a range of advantages that increase comfort, durability and protection for agricultural workers.

Farmers and workers can maximize their productivity and well-being while operating in demanding agricultural environments.

Boost productivity with ALPHA® boots - reliable, durable, and lightweight footwear for Agriculture.

Upgrade your footwear and transform your farming experience!


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