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6 Pros of Wearing PU Boots for Agriculture

Realizing farming activities during warmer months could be very tiring and exhausting. Certainly, working hours seem to never come to an end and this is due to the high temperatures to which we are exposed because our bodies overheat, our skin starts to sweat and here is when it comes to the necessity for our clothes and footwear to be breathable.

However, one cannot stop from dealing with daily life activities, so your feet must always stay protected against any danger and grime, that's why you will still have the necessity to wear your wellington boots. But there's one main thing you should take into consideration while choosing your boots for agriculture activities: they have to be PU-made. Do you know that our PU wellington boots have much more benefits than any regular rubber or PVC wellies? Well, keep reading this article to understand why and to get to know the reasons.

Back in the past century when PU started to be used for the manufacture of footwear, wearers started to notice the big difference between regular boots and PU ones. So here you have some of the most notorious pros and why you should be wearing them during warm farming days:

1 - Comfort: Due to their well-finished surface and leather-like elasticity, our polyurethane boots offer both of these qualities.

2 - Flexibility: much more flexible than regular wellies

3 - Durability: PU boots, when well-maintained, could last up to 3 times longer than any other rubber or PVC boot.

4 - Lightness: our PU boots are 40% lighter than rubber or PVC wellies. This is due to the airy particles that the material is made of.

5 - Safety: these boots come in all safety levels; O4, S4, and S5.

6 - Breathable: Due to the composition of the polymers of the PU, this material allows the air to flow, so in this way, it stays fresh allowing the feet to breath and also helps to avoid bacteria.

Therefore, almost all of these advantages presented here are attributed to the product because of its material, PU. Here at Dikamar, we have an extent catalog for the agriculture area to feed the different needs of each wearer when it comes to safety boots:

Alpha for non-risky activities. Alpha Safety S4 or S5 - full comfort for heavier activities Alpha Trace - full comfort for cooler temperatures. With our boots for the agriculture area, your feet will always stay in action because they are going to provide you comfort, safety, flexibility and durability to give you the complete capacity to accomplish your activities.


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