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A Safety Boot For Each Working Conditions

At Dikamar® each boot is designed and developed, giving special attention to the working conditions of each activity area. That's why we have specific boots for specific working conditions: Food Industry, Industry & Construction, Agriculture & Gardening.

The aim is to offer the right safety boot for each work environment to ensure the safety and comfort of the workers. The raw material we use in each boot is based on a formula developed specifically for each segment that provides strength and durability to the boots.

Safety boots with the right characteristics can be your best friend in case of an accident at work. When choosing the most suitable safety boot for your activity, bear in mind the features of each of our wellington boots.

Food Industry - Excellent grip for the food industry

Our Food Processing Industry wellies are developed according to the latest health and safety standards. They provide comfort, safety, and protection in any work environment. These boots have slip-resistant and antistatic outsoles offering excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces.

With the correct maintenance, our Food Industry boots offer higher resistance and durability.

Industry & Construction – Safety & Comfort for all activities

Comfort and safety in any work environment. This is what you will get with our safety wellies. With toecap and midsole protection, slip-resistant, and antistatic outsole, you will have the comfort and safety you deserve to get the job done.

Agriculture & Gardening – Excellent comfort on the farm

Our Agriculture & Gardening boots allow long and intensive use providing comfort, safety, and protection throughout the day. They have high resistance to wet and dirty conditions keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Your feet in action®!


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