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Composite Toe Cap vs Steel Toe Cap. Which one is better?

Choosing safety shoes could be a complex and tedious task due to the among of information you have to have in mind while researching it, and that’s one of the main reasons that here at Dikamar we create these blog posts, in order to help the customers and wearers to make this journey easier.

One of the most important things to think about when choosing the right work shoes is the necessity of toe cap protection since some activities do not require strict toe protection to be developed. Whereas some others, request firmly by law to the wearer or company employer to their employees to wear Toe protection.

Therefore, some other doubts start to appear, like Steel Toe Cap or Composite Toe Cap?

Don’t worry, if you stopped by and have this doubt, we are going to answer it in this article.

We frequently receive the same question: which one is better, the steel toe cap or the composite toe cap when it comes to safety footwear?

Steel Toe Caps have been on the market since the 20th century and are still very popular in the industry due to the ensured safety and history they offer. Meanwhile, composite toe caps are comparatively new. Although both of them are accepted by all standards, some features could make a difference according to the industry sectors.

Preference for Composite Toe Cap

Composite toe caps are made of non-metallic materials, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastics or Kevlar. The most well-known feature of composite toe caps is that they are slightly lighter than steel toe caps, but there are other characteristics you should pay attention to:

  • They do not cool or heat up: unlike steel toe caps, composite don’t conduct heat or cold, making them perfect for thermally insulated work boots.

  • They do not trigger metal detectors: in some industries, employees must pass security scanners frequently. Composite toe caps will be time saviours in this case.

  • Composite toe caps don’t conduct electricity: Although steel toe caps usually pass the electricity conduct test, there’s always a little risk that accidents could happen. In this case, composite toe caps will give the wearer peace of mind when working in a hazardous electrical environment.

  • Lightness: Due to their lightweight, composite toe caps feel more comfortable on the feet and they help reduce fatigue.

Preference for Steel Toe Cap

Since Steel Toe Caps have been on the market for nearly a century, they are the preferable choice for many and there are more options and designs. Let’s see what they offer:

  • They are cheaper: due to their time in the market, know-how and innovation, steel toe caps are cheaper than composite toe caps.

  • In some cases, they are stronger than composite toe caps.

  • They are thinner, which facilitates the design of work shoes.

In our catalogue, we have a range of products with both Composite Toe Cap and Steel Toe Cap. All of them are certified and daily tested in our lab to guarantee the safety of the wearer.


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