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The Importance of soles in Cold Environments

Are you looking for work shoes that protect you in cold environments? You certainly want to choose your shoes carefully, as your comfort and safety are dependent on your decision.

But don't worry, because in this article we will give you some tips that will help you choose the right safety shoes for you and your working environment. We will address more specifically the importance of soles and what characteristics you should look for in a sole for the cold.

While working in cold environments, it is essential to wear boots made with an insulating material, such as PU. But did you know that a big part of the protection comes from the sole? No matter how insulating the shoe material is, if the sole does not have high protection against the cold, it will not be enough to keep your feet warm.

But, what characteristics do a sole has to protect it from the cold while working? First, the sole material must also be insulating.

We recommend PU, as it is a material resistant to low temperatures and has excellent insulating properties, but it is also breathable and very light compared to other materials. These are all points that will not only protect you from the cold but will also improve your comfort.

The second factor to take into account is the height of the sole. The higher the sole, the greater is the amount of material creating a barrier between your feet and cold surfaces, and the greater is the distance between them.

See in the example below how significant is this second factor.

The boots above are Dikamar® PU boots. They all have a similar upper (boot). What differs from boot to boot is the sole. You can see that the bigger the sole, the greater is the thermal insulation of the boot. And the difference is very significant.

You can find all these boots in the PU boots category of our online store.

Don't forget to check the sole's non-slip properties of the boots you want to buy. This factor may not be relevant to keep your feet warm, but it is certainly something that you should look into to avoid accidents at work.


Of course, you can further increase the insulation and comfort of your boots with some accessories. Thick socks, for example, are a simple and very effective accessory to help you keep your feet warm.

Boot liners are also advisable if you work in an extremely cold area. They are extremely hot and prevent cold air from entering the boot opening.

In the Accessories category of our online store, you can find both warm socks and liners to put on your work boots and keep your feet warm throughout your working day.

If you want to discover even more features that you should look for in a cold boot, read our article How to Choose Safety Boots to Work in the Cold.


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